Refrigerator Samsung RS67A8510S9/WT Silver


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  • Height: 178 cm
  • Side-By-Side
  • Refrigerating Chamber Capacity (L): 409
  • No Frost
  • Shelf Material: Glass
  • noise Level: 38 dB
  • Fast Freezing:
  • Inverter

  • Technology SpaceMax™
    Technology SpaceMax™
  • Smart Conversion™
    Smart Conversion™
  • Twin Cooling Plus™
    Twin Cooling Plus™
  • cooling/freezing

More space and health

More space and health

More size, same volume

Technology SpaceMax™

Store more products in a roomy 634 liter interior with unique SpaceMax™ technology, which allows us to get more interior volume through thin walls equipped with thermal insulation without reducing the energy efficiency of the refrigerator.

More size, same volume

*Volume varies by model

Choose 5 conversion modes according to your preference

Smart Conversion™

Enjoy maximum storage flexibility with The Smart Conversion™ feature. Using Twin Cooling technology, you have 5 modes at your disposal. Easily convert your freezer into a refrigerator to store more food. Turn off the refrigerator or freezer to save electricity. Or use the freezer as a small refrigerator.

*When the refrigerator or freezer functions are off, the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer remains at 15℃ to prevent mold and odor, with minimal power consumption. It is not possible to turn off the refrigerator or freezer separately. Do not store food or drinks in the refrigerator when the cooling or freezing functions are turned off. 15℃ is not cool enough to prevent food spoilage.

Humidity, with an independent cooling system

Twin Cooling Plus™

The Twin Cooling Plus system regulates the temperature, balances coolness and humidity, thanks to the independent cooling system in the refrigerator and freezer spaces, odors do not mix, and products remain healthy.

Twin Cooling Plus™

* Based on internal research compared to traditional cooling systems.

Harmonious and sophisticated design

to be built

Give your home a sophisticated and modern look. The built-in refrigerator fits perfectly with your wooden furniture and creates an impressive kitchen interior. The minimalist design combines flat doors, interior handles, an interior screen, a flat wine rack and gray-hued cabinets.

to be built

* Optional. Available on specific models only.

Less wasted space, more space for products

Flat air duct

Get more space without reducing the efficiency of the refrigerator. Unlike traditional air ducts, the slim cooling system is completely flat in the sidewall, reducing unused space and increasing product storage space. However, it cools the products just as efficiently, so everything stays fresh and tasty.

Flat air duct

Perfect access

Easy access control

Enjoy elegant yet simple controls, even if you have limited mobility. Easy access control enhances the minimalist design as it is discreetly hidden inside. The controls are accessible, even from a wheelchair, and can be used with one hand, ensuring better accessibility for people with disabilities.

Perfect access

Less noise and energy

Digital inverter technology

Enjoy less noise and more energy efficiency. Unlike traditional compressors, digital inverter compressors automatically change speed based on cooling needs. Therefore, the refrigerator will seem even quieter than the library. Noise level – only 37 decibels. It also adapts to the new electricity regulations and saves you money.

Less noise and energy

permanent health

Preserve the original appearance, taste and smell of products for longer. The independent cooling system of each section cools all corners evenly. A state-of-the-art insulation system minimizes temperature fluctuations, regardless of how cold or hot it is outside. Digital inverter technology accurately senses and controls temperature.

permanent health

More ice, more space

Indoor ice maker

Free up more space to store more products without losing ice with the built-in ice maker. It is attached to the door, which saves space by freeing up the freezer shelf, while still making and storing plenty of ice. Its transparent plastic cover allows you to easily see how much ice is left in the box.

More ice, more space

Rapid cooling and freezing as desired


Enjoy the fast cooling function. At the touch of a button, the Power Cool function blows intense cool air into the refrigerator to quickly chill your food or favorite drinks. The Power Freeze function quickly ejects a large mass of cold air into the freezer. It is perfect for freezing or consolidating products and making ice.

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38 dB



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No Frost

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No Frost


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91.2 × 71.6 × 178 cm

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