Vertical Vacuum BOSCH BCS711PET Black/Red


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  • Fine Filter: Yes
  • Charging Time: 5
  • Washable Filter
  • Max. Runtime (min/battery): 40
  • 2in1 Furniture Brush & Upholstery Nozzle, Animal Mini Power Brush, Electric Carpet Brush, Long Flexible Crevice Nozzle, Mattress Nozzle
  • Charging Cable, Exchangeable Battery Pack, Docking Station


Only 1 left in stock


No more bending to change cleaning mode.

Small step. Big effect. Now you can easily switch from floor cleaning with the nozzle to overhead or spot cleaning with the practical suction tube – with just a small movement of your foot. The convenient Nozzle Foot Release separates the nozzle from the tube with just a click of your foot. You’ll never have to bend down to remove the nozzle by hand again. So you’ll enjoy ergonomic, faster cleaning and vacuum tight spots in no time.


Enjoy 33 % more runtime for up to 100 sqm.

With the powerful and enduring 3.0 Ah Power For All battery from Bosch, even demanding cleaning tasks can be mastered effortlessly. The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, exchangeable and protected against overheating, overcharging, self-discharge and memory effect. In addition, the battery offers 33% more runtime 1 ⁷, ensuring powerful performance and long runtimes. So you can clean up to 100 m² with just one battery charge 2 ⁸ – without interruptions and without worrying about time-consuming recharging.


Bosch Motor Technology – Quality made in Germany.

Enjoy powerful, constant performance with Bosch vacuum cleaners: Developing and producing our high-performance motors in Germany for over 80 years, we not only expect a vacuum cleaner to deliver optimal results but also to be long-lasting. Which is why we provide a 10-year motor guarantee 3 ***.


Ergonomic features for high convenience and flexibility.

Enjoy more versatility! The convenient Flex Tube makes it possible to reach places under low furniture effortlessly, the Easy Parking Clip lets you securely hold the tool in place during breaks, and the Quick Stand allows flexible cleaning with the handheld while the nozzle and tube stand by themselves. With the Nozzle Foot Release you can detach the nozzle from the tube without bending over to easily switch to spot cleaning with the practical tube. This makes the Unlimited 7 perfect for cleaning all types of floors and surfaces, as well as hard-to-reach areas.


Ideal for removing pet hair more efficiently and fast.

Our specially designed nozzle is perfect for pet owners, as it removes pet hair efficiently and in no time thanks to its high performance. Two different rows of bristles ensure that almost all pet hair is removed. In addition, thanks to the 70% larger diameter of the brush roller 4 ⁵, the hair is less likely to get tangled. This makes cleaning the brush easy and fast, and you can spend more time with your pet instead of cleaning your home.


Powerful like a corded vacuum cleaner

Now it’s possible: the Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaner offers the same performance as a corded device. Thanks to a reliable and long-lasting Bosch battery, a powerful 66,000 rpm motor and a motorized nozzle with LEDs, the powerful multi-use handstick is just as powerful as a corded vacuum 5 ² and provides thorough and flexible cleaning. Enjoy the benefits of a cordless vacuum cleaner combined with the power of a corded vacuum cleaner.

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Noise Level

82 dB


Black, Red


Charging Cable, Exchangeable Battery Pack, Docking Station

Battery Charge Indicator


Battery Type


Charging Time (h)


Cord Length (m)


Max. runtime (min/battery), normal mode


Unit Dimensions


Unit Weight


Washable filter



2in1 Furniture Brush & Upholstery Nozzle, Animal Mini Power Brush, Electric Carpet Brush, Long Flexible Crevice Nozzle, Mattress Nozzle

Dust Compression


HEPA Filter


Vacuum Cleaner Type

Cordless Vertical


4.4 kg


20.4 × 25.2 × 131.5 cm

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