Refrigerator Samsung RB38A7B6239/WT A++ Beige


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  • Height: 203 cm
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Refrigerating Chamber Capacity (L): 273
  • No Frost
  • Shelf Material: Glass
  • noise Level: 35 dB
  • Fast Freezing
  • Inverter


Out of stock

Combine as you wish

BESPOKE customization

Customize and combine refrigerator variations to suit your lifestyle. Multiple modules can be used together to achieve more storage space.*

*Modules must be purchased separately.

Personalized and unique design

Create your own kitchen style with customizable refrigerator panels*. You have a choice of three materials – Metal, Glossy and Frosted glass, as well as an extensive selection of colors.

There are Glam Navy, Cotta Sky Blue, Satin Beige, Cotta White, Glam Lavender, Glam White Bespoke panels.

*Panels are not included and must be purchased separately.

Store it the way you want

Folding shelf

You’ll have more space to store your favorite foods of all sizes and shapes with an adjustable shelf.

Wine is inserted into the 105 mm high Rack & Shelf™.  Long bottles are placed on the 2 Way Foldable Shelf with an arrow drawn inside the RB7300.  The RB7300 is open, and the Rack & Shelf™ and 2 Way Foldable Shelf are indicated by arrows.Wine is inserted into the 105 mm high Rack & Shelf™.  Long bottles are placed on the 2 Way Foldable Shelf with an arrow drawn inside the RB7300.  The RB7300 is open, and the Rack & Shelf™ and 2 Way Foldable Shelf are indicated by arrows.

More volume, same size


Store more food with SpaceMax™ technology, which delivers more usable internal volume* with thin, insulated walls without compromising your refrigerator’s energy efficiency.

The door of the RB7300 has been opened in the kitchen, displaying arrows as large as SpaceMax™.

*Capacity varies depending on model.

Cooling from all sides

All-Around cooling technology

The technology allows the corners of the working chamber to be cooled evenly. Cooled air circulates through vents on each shelf, keeping the refrigerator at a constant temperature and keeping food fresh.

The door of the RB7300 is open to reveal the interior, and the arrows indicate the spread of cool air throughout.  Along with the All-Around Cooling icon, it is written "Even Cooling Everywhere".

Refrigeration for best freshness

Metal Cooling

The Metal Cooling panel on the back of the refrigerator provides an additional source of cold and makes the interior even more stylish. Thanks to the action of the panel, even with frequent opening of the door, the cold in the chamber is retained longer, and the optimal temperature is restored faster.

Inside the RB7300, it says Metal Cooling.

Forget about ice formation

No Frost

No Frost technology prevents the formation of ice on the walls of the refrigerator and ensures that a constant temperature is maintained in every corner of the chamber. In addition, this system speeds up the cooling of the working chambers, thereby reducing the load on the cooling system.

There are frostless berries in the bowl.

Ideal freshness conditions – twice as long

Optimal Freshness Zone+

The Fresh Zone is a drawer in which two temperature zones are created. The left side can be colder, thereby creating better conditions for meat and fish. The right side is great.


Dual temperature mode


Single temperature mode


*Tested by Intertek on RL38T775CSR and RB34K6252SS. Applicable in MAX mode. Results may vary depending on conditions. The results are based on a study of food samples after storage.

Optimal humidity

Humidity Fresh+ Humidity Control

Maintain food’s original texture, taste and smell for a longer period. The humidity control box is activated by simply turning the handle. Inside, ideal conditions are created for storing fruits and vegetables, so that they remain fresh and juicy.

Along with Humidity up to 80%, arrows are drawn from side to side in the Humidity control area.

Rapid cooling and freezing

Take advantage of the Quick Chill option to help cool any food item faster. Fast freezing due to the intense flow of cold air allows for faster ice production and deep freezing.

The bottom of the RB7300 is a freezer and has ice cream.  Freezer power mode is 54% faster than normal mode.  The top of the RB7300 is a refrigerator and has wine.  Fridge power mode is 44% faster than normal mode.

Works smart, lasts a long time

Digital inverter

The inverter compressor automatically adjusts the operating speed depending on the cooling demand. As a result, the refrigerator consumes less electricity, operates quietly (35 dB) and lasts a long time.

Display 10 Year Warranty on the compressor for Digital Inverter™ Technology.  There are Energy savings, Less Noise, Undoubtable durability icons.

Modern minimalist design

Flawless Finish

Minimalist design, impeccable finishing and wide combination possibilities are suitable for creating the perfect environment. And the beautiful minimalist design with an internal display, a neat wine rack and gray glass shelves fit harmoniously into the overall picture.

This is the side view of the RB7300 in the living room.

Even more space

Large door pockets

Store more food in door pockets without wasting space inside shelves. Wide and deep door pockets allow you to safely store more bottles, cardboard bags and other items within easy reach without having to take them off the shelf.

Two bottles of milk and two bottles of water are stuck in the RB7300 Big Door Bin.  There is Up to 4 Pints ​​icon.

Opens in any direction

Reversible door hinges

Choose the direction in which the refrigerator door will open using removable hinges. Suitable for organizing space according to the characteristics of your kitchen.

There is an open RB7300 in the kitchen.

Clean, reliable and protected

Easy cleaning

Cleaning the back of your refrigerator is even easier. The protective box protects the cables and is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about the components of the refrigerator.

There is an Easy Clean and Safe Protection icons.  There is a back view of the RB7300.
There are front and side views of RB7300.  The RB7300 is 2030mm in height, 595mm in width, and 658mm in depth.  When viewed from the top of the RB7300, the detail size is 595mm excluding the door and 658mm including the door.  The door is opened up to 105°, with a width of 786 mm and a front width of 595 mm when the door is opened to 90°.  When the door of RB7300 is opened at 90°, the length from the back of the product to the front of the door shall be 1207 mm, and the product shall be installed with a space of more than 50 mm from the wall.
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35 dB



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No Frost

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No Frost

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59.5 × 65.8 × 203 cm

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