Refrigerator Samsung RS63R5571SL/WT


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  • Height: 178 cm
  • Side-By-Side
  • Refrigerating Chamber Capacity (L): 405
  • No Frost
  • Shelf Material: Tempered Glass
  • noise Level: 41 dB
  • Fast Freezing
  • Inverter


Only 1 left in stock

Magnificent outside. More space inside.

SpaceMax™ technology

With an incredible 634 liters capacity, more food can be stored in the refrigerator. The unique SpaceMax™ technology allows you to increase the useful volume by reducing the thickness of the walls, inside which thermal insulation with improved properties. Therefore, the refrigerator has an increased capacity without increasing the external dimensions.

More fresh space inside, More seamless style outside

Fresh products on all shelves

Multithreaded All-Around Cooling

Products cool well on all shelves and pockets. The uniform cooling system continuously monitors the temperature in different parts of the chamber and evenly distributes cold air, so that the products retain their freshness for a long time.

Always fresh food, wherever it is

Durable and energy efficient

inverter compressor

The Samsung inverter compressor saves energy consumption significantly. And its reliability is confirmed by certification for 21 years of continuous operation*. The inverter compressor automatically adjusts the speed of operation depending on the required degree of cooling. This reduces wear and noise. The inverter compressor comes with a 10 year warranty.

* The German association Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE) has certified this electric motor for a 21-year service life.

Last longer with up to 50% energy saving

Reduction of cold losses

Three-door design

Store and arrange products in a more efficient way for maximum convenience. The three-door model is equipped with two refrigerators and one freezer. The division into upper and lower refrigerating chambers improves the preservation of cold, which ensures energy savings on. In addition, two chambers allow you to place products more conveniently.

Minimize cool air loss by 55%*

Harmonious and stylish design

One piece design

Give your home a stylish, modern look with a touch of minimalism. Flat doors with recessed handles give the refrigerator extra elegance.

Perfectly harmonious and stylish design

Keeps cold and prolongs the freshness of food

Metal Cooling Plate

The plate keeps the cold inside the refrigerator even if you open it frequently. As a result, your products are stored better. The metal plate on the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment optimizes the uniform temperature distribution in the compartment. When the door is closed, the refrigerator quickly restores the set temperature.

Holds in the cold for lasting freshness

Rapid chilling and freezing

Powerful cooling or freezing

The fast cooling mode is started with one button. An intense stream of cold air is blown through the working chamber, which quickly cools the drinks. In fast freezing mode, cold air enters the freezer compartment. The power freeze mode will help you quickly cool ice cream or make ice.

Fast cooling and freezing on demand

Easy to find and get groceries

Pull-out shelf

Organize and remove food quickly and easily thanks to the pull-out shelf. Built-in roller guides make the shelf easy to move. As a result, you can easily and quickly get the products you need, even at the back wall.

Easily find and reach food at the back

More ice, more freezer space

Slim ice maker on the door

The slim ice maker allows you to save space for food storage, but prepares enough ice. The ice maker is built into the door, freeing up additional space for food. A transparent plastic lid allows you to control the amount of remaining ice.

More ice, more freezer storage space

Neat storage of your favorite wine

wine shelf

Convenient shelf provides safe storage of bottles of wine. At the same time, the bottles are securely held in place and easily removed. The wine rack can be installed both at the top and at the bottom of the refrigerator. As a result, you can easily pour a glass of chilled wine at any time.

Neatly store more of your favorite wine

Natural aroma of products without foreign odors

Deodorizing filter

Eliminates odors in the refrigerator compartment and maintains the original aroma of the products. The built-in deodorizing filter eliminates strong odors by blowing air through the charcoal filters. And you don’t need to use other odor removers.

Odor eliminator maintains natural flavor

More vegetables and fruits

Vegetable drawer

The vegetable drawer is large. This is a convenient place to store large quantities of fresh vegetables and fruits. And because this drawer is extra large, it’s always easy to find the right product in it, and you don’t have to clutter up the kitchen with groceries.

Easy store more vegetables & fruits
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Energy Efficiency Class (EU)


Noise Level

41 dB



Refrigerator's Specification
Compressor Type


Freezer Location


Refrigeration Chamber Capacity (L)


Freezer Capacity (L)


Freezer Cooling System

No Frost

Shelf Material

Tempered Glass

No. of Drawers


Offline Saving

Up to 10 hours

Climate Class


Open Door Alarm


Annual Energy Consumption (kW/Year)


Arrangement of Handles


Refrigerating Chamber Capacity (L)


Surge Protection (Yes/No)


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Display (Yes/No)


Fast Freezing


Refrigerator Cooling System

No Frost

No. of Door Pockets


Freezing Power Capacity (kg/Day)


Handle Type


Ice Tray (Yes/No)


No. of Shelves



103 kg


91.2 × 71 × 178 cm

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